Advantages and Disadvantages of Viewsonic’s ViewPad 10 Dual OS Tablet.

Tablets with innovative features are releasing frequently. Many people are interested in buying tablets as an alternative for laptops or notebooks because tablets are compact and have some great features, which will solve day to day problems on doing the work faster and easier.

There is a high importance on tablet manufacturers to improve the design, add great features and create a new concept of tablets to compete and stay ahead in the competition. ViewSonic has introduced ViewPad 10 in Computex 2011. This is an upcoming tablet and it is expected to get an official release on this August 2011.

What is special about View Pad 10?

Viewpad Dual Os tabletThis is a 10.1 Inch LCD screen with a 1024 by 600 pixels. This is a Double OS tablet comprising of Windows 7 and the powerful Android mobile operating system integrated into one tablet. Now the user can operate both operating systems simultaneously and enjoy the features of both Android and Windows 7. In this article, we are going to see some of the significant advantages of this Dual OS tablet.

Advantages of ViewSonic’s View Pad 10 Pro

  1. Dual OS and its Features: First advantage of this tablet is the Dual operating system of Windows 7 and Android operating system. This tablet is going to impress most of the business people, employees, journalists and others.For example:  Users can use some of the beautiful features of Windows 7, like using  MS- Office or using the remote desktop feature to connect to your PC from your tablet. An additional bonus of Android features to this tablet like Android market place and download from thousands of apps available for both paid and free and also other in-built features of Android 2.2. You can enjoy watching Flash based content and sharing. Browsing is really a great fun with this tablet.
  2. Instant Switching of OS: This tablet uses built-in virtualization software called Bluestacks that will run Android virtually and simultaneously on this tablet. There is no need for dual boot in order to change the operating system. You can work with Android as well as Windows 7 at the same time is really a great advantage for users.
  3. Screen size with Powerful Processor and RAM memory: This tablet has a larger screen size compared to other smaller tablets. It has got 10.1 inches (Multi Touch Screen ) with a powerful Intel Pine Trail 1. 66GHz Processor and with a built-in RAM memory of  DDR3 2GB SDRAM for providing high performance on accessing applications and multi-tasking is definitely an advantage for users.
  4. Style and Design: This is a slim tablet in design with a thickness of just 0.57 inches and also weighs lesser than 2Lbs, which is not that heavier to carry when you are on the go is an advantage.
  5. Storage space and Networking: According to ViewSonic this tablet ViewPad 10, comes with 16GB and a vacant Micro SD card slot is available to expand the memory up to 32GB.  This tablet has got all major and necessary connectivity options such as 3G, Wi-fi, EDR, with two USB ports, mini VGA ports and Bluetooth 2.1. With the help of Windows 7 (Remote Desktop feature) you can browse through your files on your PC from anywhere. These features help you to do lot of work easier and connecting your Office and home together is really a special advantage of buying this tablet.
  6. G Sensor and E reader – These two features should be highlighted as G-sensor helps you to view videos as soon as you turn the screen horizontal, and it recognizes the motion and turns the screen automatically. E-reader is a cool application to read your favorite books, and you can use this tablet as an E-reader.

Disadvantages of this ViewPad 10 Tablet

After analyzing the features I have found some few disadvantages of this tablet. They are:

  1. Battery Life : Battery life is not that great, it can come only up to 4.5 Hours for one full charge. When compared with other tablets, the battery life of this tablet is low.
  2. No dual Camera: This tablet is not the best one for photographers or travelers, because it has got only 1.3 Mega pixels front facing camera for webcam, when compared with other tablets have at least the 3MP camera.
  3. Android 1.6 to 2.2: This tablet initially comes with Android 1.6, and it can be upgraded to Android 2.2 Froyo. If you do not know how to upgrade from 1.6 to 2.2, you will stay using it with Android 1.6 instead of Android 2.2 Froyo.

Overall this tablet can be great for certain purposes and some people may not feel this as an attractive tablet. I leave the judgment to the users who are reading this article. Hope this information is more or less useful to you all about ViewPad 10 tablet


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