An Avid Reader’s Debate: Amazon Kindle Touch or Sony Reader Touch Edition PRS-650BC?

A digitally savvy avid book lover that opts for e-readers is flooded for choices these days. Rephrasing Hamlet, it is a case of “To buy or not to buy.” Two e-readers which have hit the markets are the Amazon Kindle Touch and Sony Reader Touch Edition PRS-650BC. Here is our analysis on some factors which we think are essential to decide on a good e-reader:

# 1 –  Battery Life

Sony Reader Touch Edition PRS-650BC allows a user to use the e-reader for up to two weeks without recharging, which is quite good.
Amazon Kindle Touch can last up to one month for the same usage, provided the WI-fi is switched off.

# 2 – Memory

Sony Reader Touch Edition PRS-650BC has a memory 2GB internal coupled with provision for external memory. The internal memory can manage 1200 books, which are quite adequate for most book readers. The external memory slots facilitate adding more books to the collection.
Amazon Kindle Touch has an internal memory of 4GB out of which 3GB can be used and amount to having 3500 books!

# 3 –  Access to Books

The Sony Reader Touch Edition PRS-650BC uses the online Reader store to provide reading options for its customer.

When compared to the Amazon Kindle Touch book store, the number of books available in the online Reader store is very less. The Kindle Touch also has an online book store with over a million titles, and they can be downloaded in a minute from anywhere.

# 4 – Ease of Use

The Sony Reader Touch Edition PRS-650BC has a six-inch touch screen which is very easy to manoeuvre.  Searching for book titles and flipping the pages is smooth.

The user almost feels as if he/she is holding the actual book. This e-reader from Sony is also currently one of the lightest e-readers.
Amazon Kindle Touch, ironically, does not have a touch screen. Kindle Touch is also very easy to use and light, though not as light as Sony Reader Touch Edition PRS-650BC.

# 5 – Price

The Sony Reader Touch Edition PRS-650BC is almost 200 pounds costlier than Amazon Kindle Touch!

Both the e-readers have the e-ink technology giving the user the feel of actually holding a book. Depending on the age of the book lover, he/she might go in for either of the above.

The older ones would go in for Sony Reader Touch Edition PRS-650BC banking on Sony’s brand image as a dependable electronics company while the younger generation might opt for Amazon Kindle Touch. Overall, however, Amazon Kindle Touch tips the Sony Reader Touch Edition PRS-650BC as a better e-reader!


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