Blackberry 7 OS – Promises to provide fast and easy user experience

Blackberry 7 OS is the RIM’s next generation mobile operating system. It is the update of Blackberry 6.1 OS. There are a lot of new features packed in this OS, and they are looking very exciting too. The fresh changes made in the Blackberry 7 OS are listed briefly in this article.

Improved browser:

When compared to the company’s previous operating systems, the OS 7 will bring you 1.6 – fold fast working browser. The browser has the capability to provide you the complete support of HTML 5 features. It also supports some of the latest features such as HTML 5 video tag and Just in Time JavaScript Compiler (JIT).

Near Field Communication:

This operating system will add the Near Field Communication (NFC) feature, which can allow you to make your payments through the smartphones. The NFC is a kind of digital wallet where you will place the handset just before a sensor.

Voice search:

The search of files is made very simple in this new OS with the help of Universal voice search. In a short time, this voice enabled search will let you to find any stuff in your device with ease.

Docs to Go:

This mobile platform can provide you the full version software of Docs to Go. It will also bring you all the best features for making you more comfort to work with the Excel, PowerPoint, and Word.

Blackberry Operating System 7 Voice Dialing

Blackberry Balance:

The Blackberry Balance is one of the important features of this OS. This feature will help you to detach your business contents and as well as personal contents in the same smartphone.

Liquid graphics:

You will be certainly pleased with this new interface by RIM called Liquid Graphics. This will offer you a reliably high visual quality in your Blackberry smartphones. It will also make your process work faster as you like.
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