Advantages and Disadvantages of buying a ChromeBook CR-48 for Business purposes

Chrome Book Ports

Google Chrome OS operating system powered Chrome books are going to be released soon. These notebooks are ultra slim and weighs low. This is an innovative notebook concept from Google. This concept is breaking the barriers and changes the way a conventional laptop or notebook will normally store their data and how we work on it.

How to login to Google Chrome Operating system?

Your Gmail id is enough for you to login inside Google Operating system, once you have logged in. It will stock your username and lock you as the owner of the device.

The concept of ChromeBook is it stores all your settings, data in the cloud server. This ChromeBook is a web optimized notebook. Let us see in detail about the Advantages and Disadvantages of buying a Chrome book for business purposes.

Advantages of Chrome Book for business purposes

Chrome book boots instantly

Compared with the traditional operating system, an average booting time of a traditional laptop is 40 to 60 seconds. Chrome book operating system boots up well within 10 seconds.

As soon as you close down the screen, ChromeBook goes immediately to sleep mode and when you open it, you can see the screen instantly switched on. This helps business people a lot while they are giving a web presentation, in between, there is an interruption, to close and open quickly will save time for the user as well as those who see the presentation.

Business data Secured

This Chrome book gives 100% security to your vital business data even when your notebook is stolen or lost. This can be possible only through Chrome book as it stores your entire data on the cloud.

Built in security and Data recovery feature

Chrome book has a built-in security feature which follows “defense in depth” principle, in which multiple layers of security are implemented and there is no chance for anyone to keep their hands on your business data.

Even the browser cache, downloads are encrypted, and it is impossible for anyone to read even the temporary data. If anything goes wrong, data recovery option is there in the ChromeBook which will restore your files it to an earlier working version. There is no need to install Anti-virus software in ChromeBook as all the data are encrypted. Every single new update will be made automatically as soon as you switch on this device.

Built in Wi-Fi and 3G

Wi-Fi and 3G are built-in features of this ChromeBook. It gives an added advantage to the business people to connect to Wi-Fi at any point of time.

Web Apps

You can access to millions of Web apps through Chrome Web Apps store, you can download any kind of apps which will be useful for business purposes. For example : Office 2010 Web Apps for Chrome can be downloaded in order to work with Excel, Word or PowerPoint apart from the in built Google Apps.

Battery Life

This ChromeBook is light weighted and the average battery time that Google promises is 8 hours which is quite good.

Universal Tech Support from Google

Google provides universal support for all the technical and hardware problems that you face with your Chrome book.

Chrome Book Sharing is easy

You can share your chrome book with your employee or anyone who you even do not know, because no one can access your data/ settings which are stored on the cloud. There is a Guest mode option in this Chrome book other users can click that option and started to browse. No more tension in sharing your personal ChromeBook

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