Eight Inspiring aspects of the Sony KDL60NX720 BRAVIA 3D LED HDTV

Inspiring aspect 5 – Simple to operate:

This LED HDTV will allow you to control the image settings very easily and promptly with the help of easy to use menu feature. While performing this feature you can simultaneously watch your TV programs. Convert your Android or Apple iPhone 4 into a QWERTY Keyboard, this HDTV allows you to download an application called Media Remote application which will help users during online chat.

Inspiring aspect 6 – Saves more energy:

Generally, you will keep your HDTV plugged in, even if it is turned off. In that situation, most of your HDTV’s will use more energy. For that reason, Sony has included an Energy Saving Switch in this television to get rid of standby power without turning OFF the main switch. During the stand-by mode, this HDTV will not consume virtually any power. In addition, this HDTV will utilize a Light Sensor technology to save energy. This technology can also adjust the brightness of the image automatically according to the room lighting.

Inspiring aspect 7 – Clever sensor:

This HDTV will be powered by a cleverly working sensor called as Intelligent Presence sensor. The Intelligent Presence sensor will be used to detect the presence of persons in the room with the help of in-built face detection technology. If there is no one available in the room, HDTV will turn off by itself. Additionally, this sensor will warn the people who are watching the television very closely, and it is also capable of controlling the sound and image clarity according to the viewers sitting distance.

Inspiring aspect 8 – Starts quickly:

One of the most important aspects present in the KDL60NX720 LED HDTV is its quick start feature. This feature will allow the HDTV to start quickly and as well as enables the picture very soon. When compared to the older Sony HDTV’s, it is considered to be two to three times faster.

The Sony KDL60NX720 BRAVIA 3D LED HDTV will be in your room wall for a price of $3149.99 USD. Overall, I think that this HDTV will definitely prove to be worth for its high price.

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