Fifteen important things that you need to know before buying the LG G slate 4G tablet.

T-Mobile G Slate Android Tablet

LG G Slate comes with T-mobile will be a great replacement for netbook. This 4G tablet has got impressive features. Let us know about the top fifteen features of this Android 3.0 tablet.

#1 – Operating system and Processor

This is a fantastic product from LG, and this tablet is powered by  the latest Android 3.0 Honeycomb operating system, and it runs with  Dual core 1Ghz  Processor and has got built-in 3D capabilities.

#2 – Multi touch screen and screen Resolution

This tablet has got a HD screen and with a size of 8.9 inches it can deliver the pictures/videos with a maximum resolution of 1280 *768.

#3 – Record and Play HD Videos in 3D

This tablet has this amazing feature of  Recording and Playback videos in 3D (HD quality).

#4 – Wi-Fi Enabled and USB Tethering.

Wi-Fi is enabled with this device, and it has a useful feature called USB Tethering, where you can connect this device with the Laptop.  This feature is for sharing your data connection with your laptop.

G slate tablet Backcover

#5 – Web Browsing and 4G Enabled

Powerful chrome browser is pre-installed for greater web browsing experience. 4G data connection and Adobe Flash compatibility enhances the user experience on viewing flash videos. 4G data connection helps you to watch online movies with greater speed and with no buffering.

#6 – GPS and Bluetooth® connectivity

This tablet GPS feature will guide and help you to reach destinations, viewing GPS on this tablet is fabulous. Bluetooth connectivity helps you to connect with various other devices that support Bluetooth like your HDTV, Blu-ray player, etc.

#7 – Battery life

This tablet uses Li-Ion battery and the average battery life on continual usage is 9.2 Hours. Battery life is the important element that you need to look out before you buy any tablet. This tablet performs well with the battery life.

#8 – Tablet‘s Mega Pixel camera

This tablet comes with a 2 MP front camera, which is mostly used to do Face to Face Video chat with your friends and it has got 5MP rear camera to take your favorite images and share it easily with your friends through this tablet. It has an in-built flash which can detect the environment light source and improve the brightness according to the light.

#9 – HDMI out

Most of the tablets you will not see this feature, this tablet has HDMI out to stream your recorded videos to any HDMI compatible device such as your HDTV.

#10 –Wi-Fi Radio

You have the Wi-Fi radio which is a special feature on this tablet, where you connect with various radio channels around the world.

#11– Internal Storage

This tablet comes with an internal storage memory of 32GB.

#12 – Excellent Gaming Experience

This tablet has got built-in 3D capability, and you can play 3D games seamlessly with this device. The feature of 360 degrees has really enhanced the gaming experience, and this tablet will definitely satisfy the thirst of gamers.

#13 – Android apps

This is an added functionality which comes with every single Android enabled device. You can download your favorite apps, from the marketplace.

#14 – Calendar

Calendar app is a very powerful general app, which will remind you on appointments and tasks.

#15 — T-mobile contract and TechAssist™ Feature

This tablet can be bought through T-Mobile for a two year contract of $ 529.99.  T-Mobile provides full technical support to this device through a feature called TechAssist where a user can access it through MyAccount. You can avail this feature when you are facing trouble with this tablet.

This feature enables you to request to T-mobile representatives and they will  solve your problem. On your request, they will login to your tablet remotely and troubleshoot all your technical problems that you are facing with this tablet.

Few Disadvantages of this Tablet

This device is slightly bulky when compared with other sleek tablets in the market. The weight of this tablet is 620g. People miss the popular app called SWYPE for typing text, which is not pre-installed in this device.

These are the fifteen important things that you need to know before buying G slate Tablet. I hope this information will be useful to arrive at a decision on buying this tablet.