Five Advantages for buying Sony’s 24 inch PlayStation 3D HDTV

Sony has taken the gaming experience to the next level as you can have amazing gaming experience in your living room, as soon as the PlayStation 3 available in the markets for sale, Sony has introduced an exclusive PlayStation 3D HDTV. Apart from connecting it to the PlayStation 3, this HDTV also connects with the local cable set top box and to your PC. Let us see the list of advantages, which will attract gamers to buy this PlayStation 3D HDTV.

Advantage 1 – 3D gaming experience

Sony Playstation 3D HDTV with two pair of 3D glassesPlaying a game in 3D is really an advantage and a thrilling experience. Sony Promises that it provides Stereoscopic 3d, where you can convert any game into 3D using a PlayStation 3 system.3D gaming helps you to involve on an immersive gaming experience, and sometimes you create scenarios that will really make you realize the power of 3D in the game.

Advantage 2 – Smooth Display

Built-in feature of 240 Hz refresh rate helps the gamers to view changing scenarios smoothly this makes gamers to have an excellent gaming experience.

Advantage 3 – HD 3D display 1080 p (FULL HD)

This is a slim HDTV, and it is built keeping gamers in mind.  It uses EDGE LED technology, which can bring amazing crystal clear clarity to the games that you play, and it can drag you inside the game, as if you are there in the game.

Advantage 4 – Excellent Audio

Quality built in speakers will enhance the gaming experience and sub woofers add more quality and effect to the sound.

Advantage 5 – Innovative two Player Mode avoiding split screens

This is an innovative feature in this HDTV, as when you are playing a game you can watch what’s going on your part in full 24 inches of HDTV rather than playing with a common screen. With the help of the PlayStation 3D glasses, you can switch views between you and the other player with the options embedded in your 3D glasses. You can either switch to your screen and play or watch what the other player is doing. Overall you get 24inch full screen gaming experience even in a two player mode by avoiding split screen is really an advantage.

This HDTV is priced at $499. These are the advantages on buying this 3D HDTV from Sony. This TV is going to be available in markets soon. Combination of PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 3D HDTV creates an excellent 3D gaming experience for people who are interested to play on this HDTV, which is exclusively built for gamers.


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