Five Difficulties that travelers might face while Using Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1.

 The newly released Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 has caused the usual stir than any Samsung product causes. While many new features have been introduced and a few of the existing ones have been revamped, there are some facets, which are more of a hindrance to an average business/pleasure traveler using this tablet.

 Difficulty # 1 –  Light = Fragile

The weight of Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is merely 1.25 lbs. It is the lightest tablet around. This lightness also makes the tablet pretty fragile and requires careful handling. Travelers prefer solidity to fragility, and hence this becomes a challenge to its usage. Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 would definitely require additional protection in the form of a case.

 Reason # 2 –  Screen doesn’t auto-adjust in some cases.

While the screen display of Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is on par with those of its contemporaries, the auto-adjust option for brightness does not work well on exposure to sunlight. The screen becomes dark under bright sunlight, and the on-screen  options become blurred. Even adjusting manually does not solve the issue completely. The auto-adjust option does not function at its best in some other cases too, conspicuously so when the screen is rotated from horizontal to vertical viewing.

 Reason # 3 –  Not very user friendly keyboard

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 has three keyboard options, but none of them facilitate ease of use, especially to a traveler with time constraints. The Samsungs Keyboard and Android Keyboard options in Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 are not very quick to use. The predictive and auto-correct settings act as speed breakers most of the times. The Swype keyboard option can speed up work for one who knows the keyboard well and applies very light pressure on the keyboard else it will act as a deterrent.

Reason # 4 – Long Starting Time

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 takes between 20-25 seconds to get started. This is an especially long starting time when a user is on travel and needs work to be done expeditiously.

Reason # 5 – Battery gets Warm at times

This version of Samsung Galaxy tablet has a tendency to get warm sometimes.  Further, charging up the battery also consumes time. These two battery-related  issues can be moreover add-on to a traveler’s problems.

Summing up, Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 has a lot of upgraded features. Some of these features may act as an advantage in one way, but in another way act as a disadvantage to a traveler.

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