Five Famous Android Honeycomb Tablets

Android’s Honeycomb version seems to have excited quite a few tablet manufacturers. Companies are falling over each other to design tablets compatible with the Android Honeycomb platform so that the user is presented with a plethora of features and options. This article is on six tablets which support Honeycomb and have been creating a buzz in the market.

Tablet # 1 –  Motorola Xoom

One of the few tablets with a 10.1 inch screen, Xoom has a resolution of 1280 x 800. It has an Nvidia Tegra dual core processor which hums at 1GHz. It also boasts of a built in memory of 32GB and a 1 GB RAM. It has inbuilt WiFi and also has a separate model which supports 3G on Verizon networks. The add-ons are a front and rear camera and lightness. The specifications of Xoom are touted to be the ideal ones for Android’s Honeycomb however its price is steep and hence has scared away many prospective buyers.

Tablet # 2 –  Asus EEE Pad Transformer TF 101

Keeping in lines with the company’s core value, Asus EEE Pad Transformer TF 101 can also be used as both a tablet and a netbook by attaching it to a keyboard which is available separately. Its specifications are the same as Xoom’s except that there are two versions with different built in memories of 16GB and 32 GB respectively and the screen is .3 inches wider.  However it does not offer 3G networking. The plus point of Asus EEE Pad Transformer TF 101 is that even the higher end version with 32GB internal memory is more than 100$ cheaper than Xoom, thereby making it a lucrative buy.

Tablet # 3 –  Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 and 10.1

Samsung’s Galaxy Tabs have features comparable with Xoom but come with an added price advantage and slickness which is unmatched by other Honeycomb tablets.

Tablet #  4 – HTC Flyer (AKA Evo View 4G)

With a screen size of just 7 inches, this is the smallest tablet with Honeycomb. It has a Qualcomm processor which clocks up 1.5GHz and is also the lightest tablet which handles Honeycomb. It is also designed to host 3G/4G on Sprint networks, which is a huge leap forward in terms of connectivity. The other specs are the same as Xoom

 Tablet # 5 LG G Slate

With similar features as that of Xoom (except for an 8.9 inches screen size), the additional wow features include support of 4G on T-mobile networks and shooting HD videos in 3D and viewing them on screen!

With a spate of Honeycomb Tablets, looks like the buyers have multiple options to choose from.


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