Five major benefits that makes you to buy the Coby TFTV792 Portable LCD TV

TV is the center of attraction in many homes. If you are out for a family function or other reasons, you may miss out some of your favorite TV shows. Technology has been improved as you can now  watch TV programs on the go with the new Coby TFTV792 Portable Digital LCD TV. This article discuss about the five major benefits of this latest handy television.

Five Major Benefits of  Coby TFTV792 Portable LCD TV

7.0 inch display:

The first benefit in this elegant television will be its 7.0 – inches TFT LCD Widescreen Color display (480p resolution). The size of the display may be small, but the picture quality delivered in this TV is absolutely fantastic.

Cost free TV programs:

This new TV will allow you to watch the TV programs for free of cost with the help of Digital (ATSC) and Analog (NTSC) TV Tuner. By tuning, you can get plenty of local channels on your television screen. According to me, this feature is a major benefit to experience. Additionally, you will be benefited by its integrated telescopic antenna and external antenna (optional).

Useful Connectivity options:

There are a couple of useful connectivity features in this device, which may be an added benefit to the users. In this Coby TV, you can connect a gaming device or VCR to increase your entertaining moments with the help of A/V input. Most importantly, it has got a 3.5 mm audio jack which will allow you to view programs personally.

Rechargeable battery:

As it is a portable TV, the battery performance will be a very important feature to notice. In this feature also this television looks as a better device to purchase with its 2.50 hours of battery life.

Crisp and Clear sound:

The final benefit of the TFTV792 TV will be its two inbuilt stereo speakers. The speakers will equally make you feel  satisfied and also brings you high level of image  quality and top class sound clarity.

Apart from above five benefits, it also possesses a remote, inbuilt stand, and optional mountable magnetic base. The price of the Coby TFTV792 Portable TV is only $84.56 USD via Amazon. Overall, I feel that it is a perfect device to buy especially for its portable facility.

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