Top Five Reasons why LG Optimus Black is superior to Samsung Galaxy Ace

There is a huge demand for smart phones, after the introduction of Android (open source mobile operating system) many mobile manufacturers use Android and create innovative smart phones for the future. This article explains about the five reasons why LG Optimus Black is superior to Samsung Galaxy Ace.

LG Optimus Black vs. Samsung Galaxy Ace

Five Reasons LG Optimus vs. Samsung Galaxy AceAlthough both runs with Android 2.2 Froyo, LG Optimus Black has certain specifications and features, which make it superior compared to Samsung Galaxy Ace.

Reason 1 – Screen size and resolution

LG Optimus Black screen size is 4 inches with a maximum resolution of 480 * 800   when compared to 3.5 inches Screen size of Samsung Galaxy Ace, and got only 320 *480 resolution. When it comes to smart phones people like to work with a little larger screen, because they do a lot more than what they do with conventional mobile phones.

Reason 2 – Less Internal Memory

Smart phone demands more storage space, you tend to store many documents apart from your favorite music and videos. When you buy a smart phone you expect that the phone should have good internal memory. Samsung Galaxy Ace comes only with 158 MB of internal memory when you purchase it when compared with LG Optimus Black it comes with 2GB Internal memory.

Reason 3 – Battery life

Battery life is very important on a smart phone. As a user, you will watch videos, browse through the internet, here to music and do lot of other things. Battery life is a prime necessity for any smart phone users. LG Optimus Black comes with a stronger battery of 1500mAh when compared to 1350 mAh of Samsung Galaxy Ace.

Reason 4 – Processor Speed

Although the latest models are stuffed with dual core processor, both the Android phones are little bit outdated as far as the processor is concerned. LG Optimus Black comes with 1GHz processor when compared to 800 MHz of Samsung Galaxy Ace.

Reason 5 – Video and camera

When compared with the camera, both have five Mega Pixels camera to shoot the stills, LG Optimus Black has a slight advantage as it can shoot video in 720 p HD.

These are the five reasons why LG Optimus Black is superior to Samsung Galaxy Ace, although there are few areas LG Optimus Black lacks when compared to Samsung Galaxy Ace, but I did not mind that because these are the top areas that I feel should be covered when someone wants to buy a smart phone.  Hope this analysis is useful to the people who are reading this article.


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