Five reasons why you need to buy Windows Home server for your Home office.

If you are running a micro level computer related business set up at home, you definitely need this Microsoft product, which is called Windows Home Server. If you have a business with a set of two or above workstations connected to a network, installing Microsoft Windows Home server is the best choice for your Home Office. Let us go in detail about the five reasons why you need to buy and install Windows home server in your home office.
Reason 1 – Protect your media content through Media Server

As a small business owner you tend to store your important business documents as well as your personal things like your favorite music, videos on your computer, which is also used for business purposes. Media server functionality in Home Server stores everything in a centralized location and helps you to play and retrieve your files faster and easier from the network.

Reason 2 – In-built Backup software feature in Windows Home Server

Built-in backup feature is a vital functionality of this Home server, as it can take an automatic daily backup of your important files, media content and other stuffs, which are stored in your network. This gives a great relief and peace of mind as when something goes wrong, you can get back all those data.

Reason 3 – Data Recovery
Data recovery is as important as Data backup, Windows Home server has the in-built functionality of Data backup, You can retrieve data in minutes of time, in fact you can restore the entire hard disk in few minutes.

Reason 4 – High level of Document management

For any business, document management is very important, Windows Home server facilitates in doing efficient document management by giving you the remote access to the network. Even when you are outside your Home Office through the help of a unique web address you can access your network, and you can then do any kind of upload or download files from your network.

Reason 5- Remote Access

Remote access is a superb feature of this Windows Home server, as your network files. Media content can be accessed from anywhere. This helps a user to share audio, video and other files from your network. Through Windows Media Connect feature in Home server, which helps you to stream your network media content to Xbox 360, and you can upload /download video, audio or any files from your network easily from a remote place.

These are the reasons why I feel you should have Windows Home server installed in your office. The cost range of Windows Home server is around $112 to $119.

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