Five Reasons Why People Like Google Chrome

When Google introduced the Google Chrome browser as an alternative to the then dominant Internet Explorer, they did not expect it to take the web world by storm: which it did.

Here are five reasons (among many others) why internet users have shown a liking for Google Chrome:

Reason # 1 –  Simplicity

The Google Chrome browser sticks to the fundamental Google principle of being extremely easy to use. There are no complexities involved in using the Google Chrome browser. Hence the switching from any other browser does not cause the user any loss of time and does not require any new learning.

 Reason # 2 –  High Speed

Google Chrome is one of the fastest browsers in the world today. It can handle both static and dynamic content very efficiently and in-fact can handle a high volume of active content without breaking down or even slowing down considerably. Speed has become synonymous with Google Chrome.

 Reason # 3 –  A Great Start page and Own Task Manager

The start page of Google Chrome is quite unlike the start page of any other browser. It contains useful information bordering on intuition like often visited pages and last visited pages. This is because it has its own task manager, which also helps in handling tabs in a better way. Google Chrome provides one with the options of closing just the unwanted tabs while retaining the others, dragging tabs outside and creating a separate window and moreover, integrating to a separated window into an existing one by converting the window into a tab. These features gives more flexibility to the users.

Reason # 4 – Incognito Mode Option

Google Chrome also has the facet of opening windows/tabs in the incognito mode which means that the information would not get logged in the history. This gives the user privacy and security when he/she desires to view content without it being recorded.

  # 5 – Dual Function Address Bar

Since Google, Chrome is a product of Google, the address bar of Google Chrome also does what Google helps a user do: Search. The address bar automatically becomes a search engine too. This obviously is a great facet to have in a browser.


Google Chrome has become a much favored browser because it has been designed to keeping the user’s comfort in mind. Some inherent architectural advantages make the Google Chrome experience a memorable one for the user and make it one of the most popular browsers.