Four Reasons for Business People to Opt for Google Drive

Google has finally announced about its new creation: Google Drive.

Google Drive is about accessing, storing, editing and collaborating on the cloud, well almost literally! Here are four reasons which we feel will endear Google Drive to the forever on the move Business Class.

Reason # 1 –  Cloud Storage

Google Drive allows the user to store all their files on the cloud. Google Drive is compatible to all kinds of files, thereby enabling ease of storing any kind of information. Initially 5GB of space is given for free and a user can purchase more space if required. Accessing all the information while on the move, without the need for storing in hardware components, is a facet which would be very useful for business people.

Reason # 2 –  Ease of Sharing

Google Drive has G mail and Google Docs inbuilt in it. Hence documents can easily be shared. Further Google Drive supports all file extensions and hence once can upload photos, videos, PDFs etc. Since Google Drive supports all extension, the need for a user to have a certain application to view certain files is eradicated. The changes and edits can be done and viewed simultaneously by people working from different remote locations. Comments can be added on any kind of file, even PDFs. This feature is especially useful when a team works from different places/times.

Reason # 3 –  Intuitive Search Engine

Google Drive has an inbuilt search engine which is almost intuitive and is extremely efficient. Google Drive has an inbuilt Optical Character Recognition which allows recognition of text in even documents which have been scanned. Search can be done by keyword and filtered by the type of file too. Further Google Drive has also developed an image recognition search which is still in its nascent stage. This feature of the search engine enables searching using images instead of keywords.

Reason # 4 – Mobile and PC compatibilities

Google Drive can be used on all mobiles phones and tablets with Android. Google is developing a version of Google Drive which would be compatible with iOS5 too. Google Drive can be used on Windows and Mac too. Though Linux capabilities have not been worked on yet, it is also envisaged in the future. Additionally, Google Drive has provided easy access to blind users. By using a screen reader, blind users can use Google Drive over any platform.

By the look of it, Google Drive is here to stay and cause a revolution in terms of access and sharing of documents with a multitude of users and is a must use for the busy Business class.


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