Four Reasons why NFC will be the game changing technology for future mobiles

 With quite a few mobiles enabling Near Field Communication otherwise known as NFC, we try to explore what is Near Field Communication and why is it touted as the future add-on in mobiles.

Near Field Communication is basically a wireless technology which is based on Radio Frequency Identification and allows two Near Field Communication enabled devices to transfer or share data around 20 feet radius of each other.The devices need not have any physical contact, thereby making the technology very futuristic.

Here are some reasons why Near Field Communication Technology is here to stay and is going to dominate the future mobile technology:

 Reason # 1 – Versatile and cover a wide range of applications

Though Near Field Communication is currently used only in Google’s e-wallet, its versatility will ensure that it will cover a broad spectrum of areas like healthcare, gift coupons, loyalties, payments, consumer electronics, security (especially in airports , Grocery store), information centres etc.

NFC applications for these fields will save on time and human resource. Mobile Phones with NFCs will revolutionize shopping and shopping using mobile phones would become easy as the shopping payment will be made easier which eventually save more time.

Reason # 2 –  Built on Universal Standards and Allows other technology

The technology on which NFC is based complies with ECMA, IST and ETSI standards and hence using it anywhere will not give rise to any technical issues. In addition to the technological compliance to standards, it also allows an easy and quick set up of wireless technologies like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. So mobile phone manufacturers can easily install it in their mobiles without worrying about its compatibility with the other existing features.

 Reason # 3 –  Security

Since Near Field Communication covers very short distances, security is intrinsic. The fear of hacking or any other form of security threat is thwarted because of the design itself. Further, it has enough in-built features to facilitate support to other security applications. If need be, the security of NFC can be tweaked without much difficulty, thereby making it an extremely secure and effective mode of contactless communication.

 Reason # 4 – Ease of Interoperability

NFC functions well with the prevalent contactless card technologies. This does away with the need to spend money on research to design NFC compatible cards technologies and also saves up on a lot of time. Mobile equipment manufacturers have to merely design smart phones with a NFC enabled feature.

Near Field Communications is surely the future technology to look for and may even radically change the functioning of quite a few areas, prominently shopping.