Four Special Features of Google Nexus S 4G can make this smartphone sell like crazy

Google Nexus S 4g FRONT and RearPeople are really interested in smart phones that come closer to their life. Creative features of a smart phone make a big difference in sales for phone manufacturers. Out of the box features makes a particular model attractive to buy and use it. This is the reason some smart phones sells like crazy. Now we are going to see about the Google Nexus S 4G with Sprint where some of the features which are really special in this smart phone. This will impress a lot of people to buy this device, especially those who wanted to try this Android device for NFC contact less mobile payments.

Special Feature 1 – NFC chip enabled

Google Wallet Prepaid debit card on smartphone screenGoogle Nexus S 4G has NFC chip embedded into it, this technology can create huge sales for this particular smart phone. It is officially available through Sprint for a two year contract and also you can purchase it without a contract
What is special with NFC chip enabled? How Google Wallet works?

NFC is the latest technology that has picked up great popularity due to the concept of contact less mobile payments, People who have bought  Google Nexus S 4G can download an app called Google wallet. Once you downloaded and installed the app you can just wave in front of the reader placed in the store to pay contact less mobile payments for the things that you have bought from the nearby retail store which allows Google Wallet.

This app gives you more information about the offers that participating merchants are offering at you for the products that you are searching in the app. You get great discounts and coupons on various retail stores and you save lot of money on your retail purchases and also store those certificates in your smart phone.

Currently you can make contact less purchases only through MasterCard Paypass, Gift cards of participating merchants who accept Google Wallet or through the virtual Google Prepaid card.

What is Google Prepaid Card?

Google Prepaid card is a virtual card . You need to activate Google Prepaid card in Google’s wallet App in order to make contact less payments through it, once you activate it, you get 10$ free for the first time you spend using Google Wallet. You can easily recharge and put funds on your Google prepaid card using other plastic cards.

You need to look at these following symbols in order to know that they are accepting Google Wallet Payments.

Three symbols communicate that we accept Google Wallet in store

Special Feature 2 – WiMax 4G enabled

WiMax 4G is a special feature which is enabled in this phone. You can see speeds reaching up to 10mbps per second through WiMax. This feature is not commonly seen on  many of the Android devices. This is truly a special feature of this phone.

Special Feature 3 – Google Voice Actions

Google Voice action is an app that is pre-installed in this device, it, you can really control the phone through your voice. Google’s voice actions will be very helpful in calling your contacts, listening to your favorite music, send email/text messages, browsing through your favorite websites quickly and help you to locate the destination with ease and comfort with Google Maps.

Special Feature 4 – Google Mobile Instant

This app helps you to search quickly as same as what you do in searching the Google in your normal PC web browser, you get the results instantly. Save more time with your phone using Mobile instant.

These are the four special features that I believe Google Nexus S smart phone can make huge sales in coming months.