How NFC chip going to make a change in Future Android Devices

NFC is a popular wireless technology where it enables contact fewer payments. This has been already announced in UK on May 12, 2009, According to the News released by MasterCard, they have announced MasterCard Paypass on selected stores in UK.

Even bigger than that news, Google Android smart phones will have this NFC feature soon. This is a big step forward in the usage of mobile technology.

Benefits of NFC in Android devices

This functionality is already available in Google Nexus S device, when this technology is implemented on all the major retail stores around USA, people will realize the importance and usage of NFC. They can just buy their products through waving their smart phones in front of the reader.

For all smaller purchases, people do not have to carry cash to the stores, but definitely there will be a transaction limit, but this functionality in Android which will save a lot of time for the people, who instead will be standing in long line to pay their payment in the stores. It makes the job easier for the staff in the retail stores as well as the customers.

This implementation will have some great benefits to retailers also. Retailers will know more details about their customers, and by implementing this on their retail stores, owners will get more people entering to their stores for making purchase, which will increase their overall profits.

This technology can attract more people to buy Android smart phones, although this technology can be effective only when the many stores in various locations have this facility, I hope that will happen soon, and you can see Android taking the mobile technology to a new level.



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