Comparison between HTC pro 7 Vs. HTC sensation 4G find out who is the winner.

HTC is manufacturing wonderful smart phones in the recent past, one of the two smart phones that has been released in 2011 is HTC Pro 7 and HTC Sensation 4G. These two models come with different mobile operating system and features. This article will give you a detailed comparison about the important aspects of these two devices which will attract everyone to buy it.

Operating System – Winner is HTC Sensation 4G

htc pro vs htc sensation 4GHTC Pro 7 smart phone runs with Windows Phone 7 OS and HTC Sensation 4G runs with Android 2.3 OS Gingerbread. Both have their own features respectively, with the latest update of Mango Windows Phone 7 OS has added 500 additional features, which will definitely allow Windows Phone 7 to compete with Android in many ways.

However, I feel that Android operating system has got a slighter advantage over Windows Phone 7 because of the Apps (marketplace). People love to buy Android handsets rather than Windows phone 7 devices because of the Android market place where users feel that they can download different types of applications from Android marketplace.

Processor – Winner is HTC Sensation 4G

Processor is an important factor that you must see before buying a smart phone, HTC Pro 7 runs with a 1.0 GHz  single core Scorpion Processor, while, HTC Sensation 4G runs with 1.2GHz dual core processor. You can easily imagine the amount of speed and performance a dual core processor can generate when compared to a single core processor. HTC sensation 4g is clearly a winner in this aspect.

Screen size – Winner is HTC Sensation 4G

Users like to have larger screen and lighter weight smart phones to view their documents, browse through web pages and view their favorite videos on their smart phone. HTC Pro 7 has got only 3.6 inches Capacitive Touchscreen when compared to HTC Sensation 4G‘s 4.3 inches S-LCD Capacitive Touchscreen. Moreover, Multi touch input is not present in HTC Pro7, whereas HTC Sensation 4G has this feature makes HTC Sensation 4G a clear winner on this aspect.

Business utilities – Winner is HTC Pro 7

HTC pro 7 has got an upper hand with this feature, as with the help of Power office, users can utilize Microsoft’s word, PowerPoint, Excel, which is not present as a default feature in HTC Sensation 4G. For business people, HTC Pro 7 will be a good choice.

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