Important features that influence to buy Canon PowerShot SD1400 IS

Canon is a well known company providing quality consumer electronics products to the world. Canon is popular for its digital camera’s, because most of the people who bought digital camera feel quality, clarity and precision in taking photos. Now we are going to discuss about some of the attractive features of Canon Power Shot SD1400 IS which comes with four colors.

Nowadays, people buying digital camera’s look out for important features that will blend with their needs. Let us see the important features which can really influence people to buy this camera.

Important Feature 1 – 14.1 Mega Pixels

Canon Powershot SD 1400 straight viewBase mantra for buying a digital camera is the Mega Pixels. The clarity of the snapshots entirely depends on the MP of any digital camera. Canon Power Shot SD 1400 IS has got 14.1 Mega Pixels, which will help you to take clarity pictures using this camera. Canon Power Shot SD 1400 IS, MP is a way ahead than other digital camera’s selling in the market. I feel this is an important Features that can influence a person to buy this camera.

Important Feature 2 – Smart Shutter

This feature is not available on most of the digital cameras. Smart shutter technology has got three options of timer, which is built –in with this technology. This technology can find differences in the human face or scene, like it can capture the changes such as a smile or wink, which will help photographers to take quality snapshots focusing on the object with more precision. I feel this can be an important Feature that can influence a person to buy Canon Powershot SD1400 IS.

Important Feature 3 – Predefined settings for various scenarios

You will come across different scenario’s of light settings when you use this digital camera, this model has got 22 predefined settings, which will make your life easier on capturing important moments of life. You do not have to change the settings for each scenario or lighting conditions. Smart AUTO feature will take care of it. Just focus on the subject and shoot it.

Important Feature 4 – 28mm Wide Angle Lens

I have personally experienced with my old digital camera, as I could not be able to cover many people while taking snapshots, even if I cover a wide area, the clarity on the people standing at the left or right will not look that clear. However, Canon PowerShot SD 1400 IS has got 28mm wide angle lens combined with 4x Optical Zoom, which can cover a wide range angle with pictures coming out with excellent clarity.

Important Feature 5 – 720P Shoot HD Movies

Latest Digital cameras are coming with the ability to shoot HD videos apart from taking clarity pictures. You can record High definition videos with this digital camera at 720p, is really an additional bonus for people buying this wonderful digital camera. Shoot HD Videos and with the help of HDMI output connector you can even screen it to your HDTV.

I hope the above information furnished will be useful to you all, just compare these features with that of your requirement and I hope after reading these features you will be interested in buying this digital camera.