Microsoft Xbox 360 Kinect – An ideal Home entertainment device for your family.

A new way of home entertainment gaming product has been released by Microsoft, which is called Xbox 360 Kinect. It is an innovative gaming device where there is no need for a gaming controller to control the game that you play on your TV screen.

Specialty of this device is it uses a body tracking technology to find movements on your body and utilize it to control the game. You can control the game by just waving your hand or through gestures, and it brings a true home entertainment to the family, and this device cost range is from $ 299 to $499. You can also set speech recognition with this device to control it through your voice.

What Kinect brings to your family?

This device breaks through the conventional way of gaming, where gaming belongs only to children. Adults of any age both men or women can take part and play through this device.

Kinect 360 Web placed on a standing position.Xbox 360 Kinect is not only a gaming device but also you can watch Sports Channels and Events, Watch HD movies through Netflix and Hulu. Connect through Wi-Fi and join the Xbox Live community, if you have signed for Xbox 360 Gold Membership you can play with your friends, relatives and others.

This Xbox 360 has got health benefits. Due to hectic work schedule, apart from children, spending time for entertainment or exercise is getting difficult. This Xbox 360 Kinect can give you fitness + entertainment, for example ( Kinect Xbox 360 Track and Field running race) , if you play this game, you have to move your body fast to win the running race, automatically this becomes a natural exercise as you will sweat. There are plenty of games like this to download from Xbox Market place, People, who do not like to exercise or feel bored with it can do this way and get their body fit.

Overall this device is a complete home entertainment device for your family to buy and unleash the potential of Xbox 360 Kinect.

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