Quick Overview on the advantages of AMD A series APU processor

AMD the company known for manufacturing processors has released a new A series APU processors from A4 to A8 and code named as Llano that works with four x86 CPU cores. These processors promise to give a high level of graphics performance and reduce power consumption on battery life. I believe that these processors have a greater capability to Compete with Intel’s Sandy Bridge processors.  AMD A series is far superior to the previously released E and C series of processors early in this year.

Advantages of AMD A series processor

I can see three advantages of this processor

  • Increased graphical performance
  • Reduced power consumption increases the duration of battery life
  • Cost of the processor

Let us read about the advantages in detail.

Increased Graphical Performance:

The design of the processor is set to provide a high level of graphical performance as the chip allocates more than half of its portion for graphics, which is greater than of what Intel’s Sandy Bridge processor allocation on graphics. It is really an Advantage for gamers or anyone who does some graphical oriented job like working with 3D software’s like Maya, 3Ds Max, etc.

Reduced Power consumption:

AMD A series processor has got an aggressive per core power management strategy, which helps the cores to shut down when it is unused and switch on when it is necessary. This strategy  helps to consume less power even on circumstances where a user is multi tasking with heavy applications.

Digital sensors for temperature

A new power management strategy is implemented in the form of digital power management sensors, which is integrated in the chip. These sensors will be continuously checking the temperature of the processor and efficiently provide power according to it.

Due to this efficient power management strategy, AMD promises to deliver extra battery life of more than 50 percent for laptops that integrate AMD A series processor.

Users using laptops powered by AMD processors will definitely have longer battery life Laptop manufacturers can experience greater sales on laptops powered by this chip. This will attract businessmen, journalists, and gamers, etc., who work more hours every day.

Cost of the Processor

Cost is an important factor to see when you decide to purchase a laptop. Generally speaking, you will have three things in your mind before purchasing a laptop. High performance, durability and cost within your budget.

AMD A series powered laptops can satisfy you on all the above three areas because the cost of the processor mostly decides the cost of the laptop. AMD processors are comparatively cheap when compared with Intel’s Sandy Bridge processors.

As per the latest news on HP, they have upgraded the Pavilion and Probook laptops to AMD A series APU Processor.