Positives and negatives of Photojojo Underwater digital camera

When you are enjoying your summer holidays in a beach or swimming pool, you probably like to capture some awesome pictures inside the water. In that situation, you may think to buy a waterproof camera, and at the same time you feel that it may be too costly.

Here is a dream solution for your requirement with the help of  Photojojo Underwater digital camera. The main advantage of  this camera is not too expensive. This article will explain you about the positives and negatives of this waterproof digicam.

Positive 1 – Highly Waterproof:

Photojojo waterproof digicam front viewIf you are generally thinking of waterproof cameras, you get an idea that it can work for only low water-depth. Leave those thoughts aside and you will be definitely astonished by this underwater camera because it stays alive with a depth of up to 100 feet.

Positive 2 – Snaps both images and videos:

This underwater camera can shoot both the images and videos inside the water with the help of its 1.3 megapixels image sensor. You can also take pictures very close up to two feet by using its 4 x digital zoom. It will record your videos at 30 frames per second in the AVI file format.

Positive 3 – Budget-Friendly:

If you are looking for a budget – friendly waterproof camera, undoubtedly the Photojojo Underwater digicam will be an ideal decision. The reason is that this new underwater digital camera is sold for just $35 USD through Photojojo’s  online Shop.

Other benefits available in this waterproof digicam are impressive battery life (2 x AAA – batteries), 10 seconds self – timer option, and a USB port to import pictures from your digicam to hard drive or pen drive.

Negative 1 – Low resolution sensor:

Nowadays, you will find many digital cameras with the high resolution sensor of up to 16 MP, but this camera only uses low resolution 1.3 megapixels image sensor. Although, I feel that the images captured in this camera will be better enough to view.

Negative 2 – Average storage place:

This digicam will come with 16 MB of on-board memory and additionally with the microSD card you can extend your storage memory for up to 2 GB. With its internal memory, it can store videos up to two minutes or images up to 75 stills.

Overall, this digital camera will bring you fun in capturing underwater stills, and it will definitely be a valuable device for its low cost and waterproof features. Those who want to cover the photographs of underwater beauty can buy this camera.


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