Budget Friendly Smart phones Samsung Exhibit 4G vs Gravity smart

Comparison between Samsung Exhibit 4G vs Samsung Galaxy Smart

T – Mobile USA will keep your excitements on the top by introducing the two new budget-friendly Android Smartphones on 1 June 2011 by the product name called as Samsung Exhibit 4G and Samsung Gravity Smart.

Samsung Exhibit 4G:

Samsung Exhibit 4G smartphone comes with a stylish slim design. It is a touch screen device with many attractive specifications. This smartphone can be called as Samsung Hawk and Samsung SGH – T759.

Samsung Gravity Smart:

As the name suggests, the Samsung Gravity Smart handset is smart-looking in its design. This smartphone is the first Gravity model to run on Android operating system.
If we compare both these smartphones, we can easily identify, which one is the best model. This article will differentiate the features between Samsung Exhibit 4G and Samsung Gravity Smart, which will help you to judge about these two models.

Android Operating system:

Samsung Exhibit 4G
Samsung Exhibit 4G and Samsung Gravity Smart are powered by Android operating system.
Gravity smart phone
But Gravity smart comes with the Android 2.2 Froyo.

Mobile Processor:

Samsung Exhibit 4G runs with 1000 MHz Hummingbird processor (single core). This processor helps you to download video streams at a quick pace. The data connection will be lightning fast because of 4G. Whereas, the Samsung Gravity smart runs with only 600MHz processor with no 4G capabilities.

Dimension and Weight:

When comparing both these smartphones with the dimension and weight, I feel that there is not much difference between them. The Exhibit 4G is looking slim in its size (4.7 x 2.3 x 0.5 inches) and only weighs 4.40 ounces, while the Gravity Smart looks somewhat up and down in its dimension (4.48 x 2.31 x 0.55 inches) and has a weight of 4.58 oz.

Samsung Galaxy Smart with Qwerty Keyboard open position
Photo Credit- T-Mobile

Best display:

The Exhibit 4G will boast a big touch screen display (3.7 inches) than the Gravity Smart display (3.2 inches). If you often use the text feature, then you will definitely feel the Gravity Smart handset as best because Gravity Smart has got two typing options one on the touch screen display and another on the QWERTY keyboard. You can send text messages quickly.

Camera resolution:

These two models Exhibit 4G and Gravity smart phone has got the same 3.0 Megapixels camera. Both these Android handset also brings you good image clarity even on low light conditions with the help of LED flash. As the Exhibit smartphone is a 4G device, it has an additional VGA camera slot (0.3 mega pixels) at the front side which is not available on the Gravity Smart model.

Good connectivity features:

The first difference of these two Android handsets in terms of connectivity features is that the Exhibit 4G will gain the fast file transferring with Bluetooth v3.0. Capabilities whereas the Gravity Smart has got only Bluetooth v2.1. The next difference will be the HSPA+ network on the Exhibit, which is missing feature in the Gravity series’ smartphone. Other connectivity features like Wi-Fi bg/n, 3G – network, microUSB v2.0, and 3.5 mm audio jack are similar in both these handsets.

Battery life – time:

The Exhibit 4G smartphone once again stays as the best device in delivering you the long battery life – time. In standby time, the Gravity Smart (364 hours) is slightly on the top (Exhibit – 360 hours). However, when it comes to talk-time, you will nearly get double battery life in the Exhibit 4G (9.0 hours) than the Gravity Smart (5.5 hours).

Expected price tag and availability:

Samsung Exhibit 4G can come to the stores for an expected cost of $80, following a $50 mail in rebate plus a two year contract. The anticipated price of Samsung Gravity Smart will be $70, following a $50 mail in rebate and a two year contract, and it is less expensive than the Exhibit 4G. Both these budget smartphones will be on the market from June, 2011.

According to me, both these handsets are good, but I personally feel that the Exhibit 4G could end on the top. Overall, I believe that you might have found your best device by reading this article.