The New Samsung Galaxy Beam: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly!

Samsung has announced the launch of its second Galaxy Beam at the Mobile Congress recently. It is creating quite a stir simply because it’s the first hybrid of a smartphone and a projector. Here is a crisp discussion of its jaw dropping and lip pursing features.

# 1 –  The Good

Obviously the top of the good features is the projection capacity of the inbuilt 15 Lumen DLP (Digital Light Projector). This projection capacity throws open a variety of options to all kinds of users. One can project photos, videos, images and most importantly games upto 2 feet away with great clarity. The size can be adjusted to the limit of an average TV screen size, which is quite stunning. Galaxy beam has an ambience mode and an Overhead Projector also which helps in projecting across a room.

That’s like walking around with a mobile theatre and gaming centre rolled into one. Computer gamers have more to rejoice. Galaxy has a 2000mAh battery: the longest lasting battery, which obviously translates into hours and hours of uninterrupted gaming. The screen size is also enough with a good resolution facilitating great viewing on the mobile too.

 # 2 –  The Bad

It does not feature the latest Android Icecream Sandwich and runs only on the Gingerbread version. Hence users do not get to enjoy the latest Android apps and the benefits that come along with Icecream Sandwich. The 1 GHz dual core processor is again not very high end or the latest in specifications today. It also has an upgraded 14.4 HSPA network which improves the speed of browsing on the move but sadly constraints connectivity to just HSPA networks.

# 3 –  The Ugly

The RAM is just at 768 MB and the LCD is not AMOLED. So despite the screen size being sufficient, the navigation may not be as quick as it is in most of the high end smart phones.

The phone is slightly heavier than many of its compatriots. The front end and the rear cameras are again not all that great and are just around average.

Samsung Beam (the Second), despite being the forerunner in the hybrid between smart phones and projectors does not innovate on any other technological fronts.

It still uses Gingerbread which prevents it from moving up to the high end of the android smart phone segment. The other aspects of the technical design also are not great enough to write home about. Overall one can say that go for Beam if projecting appeals to you.