Six Cool Gaming Features of ASUS G74SX Laptop

Gaming feature 3 – Huge amount of on-board storage:

The gamers might get high performance laptop, but some of the devices will lack the large storage capacity. It will be a big problem to the users because they are highly dependent on the storage capacity for including more and more fascinating games in their device. To get rid of it, this laptop will possess two hard drives for providing a total memory space of 1.25 TB, in which one HDD carries 750 GB (7200 rpm) and another one with 500 GB (7200 rpm).

Gaming feature 4 – Useful connectivity and I/O ports:

Nowadays, online gaming plays a vital role in all gamer day to day life. As a result, this laptop will allow you to enjoy playing games with your friends through the internet with its Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n wireless networking. Additionally, it will add two USB 2.0 ports, Audio in & out, and an Optical Blu – Ray drive on its left side and one USB 2.0 & USB 3.0 port, a HDMI, Power port, a VGA, RJ-45 Ethernet connector, and a card reader on its right side.

Gaming feature 5 – Always stays cool:

Everyone using the laptop will be forced to switch off their laptop because of the heat. For example:” Imagine if you are playing an interesting game, in between because of the heat generated in your laptop you are forced to switch off your laptop” but that is not the case with this laptop. Latest ASUS Cooling Technology  contains 4 x coolers inside. Two of them on the front side and other two is on the back side. The front coolers will bring cool air, and the back coolers will push out the heat air. You can hear a mild sound while you are working, it is because the coolers are working to make the laptop stay away from getting heat.

Gaming feature 6 – High audio quality:

This laptop is not only a better device in terms of display qualities, but it also proves to be a high end device for its high audio quality too. You may not like to play a game if the sound of the game is not good. By using the THX TruStudio audio, the sub woofer and stereo speakers of this laptop will certainly bring your games alive with its high definition sound quality.

The ASUS G74SX laptop is available in the U.S. through ExcaliberPC for a starting price of $1745 USD. Leaving behind the weight and price of this laptop, These are the six cool gaming features that gamers will be attracted to buy this ASUS G74SX laptop.

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