Six Good reasons why MyTouch 4G will compete with other smart phones in USA

People like the smart phone because of its dynamic nature, smart phone users are inclined to look out for new high tech smart phones, because most of them buy because of the features and specifications. There are plenty of smartphones available in the market, especially in U.S.A.  But only few models stand apart from the crowd, if you look at those models, you can see that they have covered the basic things right, like a wonderful fast processor, RAM speed, internet browsing, office productivity and other cool features like a high clarity camera for video chatting and taking still images.

Now, we are going to look at a new android smart phone from T-mobile, and it is called as My Touch 4G, and we will see some of the general reasons why I feel that this device has some good features and specifications to compete with other phones in USA.

Reason 1 – Android Powered smart phone

MyTouch 4G front and back viewAndroid powered smart phones are the fast selling and largest selling smart phones in USA. People trust Android and there is always an attractive feature embedded to an Android phone is the facility to access Apps. You can change the dimension of your smart phone through installing various apps, which suit to your requirement.

Reason 2 – 4G connectivity

Only few smart phones in the market have got 4G connectivity. 4G helps a user to access lightning fast and get anything on the internet, whether you want to check your email, download/upload documents, video chat,  want to watch a video/ movie online and much more. 4G connectivity helps the user in the process of not delaying things and makes you feel as if you are working on your PC. Fast is the mantra of the future handsets and 4G network is completely available in US to provide lightning-fast communication.This smart phone has the Wi-Fi Hotspot feature and you can simultaneously connect up to four devices and enjoy the power of 4G.

Reason 3 – Good Specifications

This smart phone has got 1 GHz MSM8255 Snapdragon processor with 768MB RAM and comes with a good screen size of 3.8 inch, supports all types of data connectivity apart from 4G. This phone has HSPA + up to 14.4 Mbps, 3G, EDGE, Bluetooth and GPS and comes with an internal memory of 4GB and memory capacity can be extended up to 32GB.

Reason 4 – Video chat, Record videos and take still images

One of the cool reasons one must buy is the quality of  face to face chat will be great in this smart phone, because of two reasons, 1) Quality front facing camera 2) 4G connectivity, you will not get frequent interruptions while you are talking with your dear ones or your client.  It has got a rear 5MP camera for taking sharper still images and this device has got some good built-in adjustable features for the camera such as Digital zoom, Auto focus, Face finder,Zero shutter lag etc. You can also record videos in 720p at the rate 30 fps.

Reason 5 – Business tools

It has all the important tools to check your email, which mainly includes Pop3, IMAP support and other mail service providers like Gmail, Yahoo, etc. You will get an Address book, voice recorder, flash light and also has a document viewer to view office file formats and PDF format.

Reason 6 – Good Battery Life

For anyone buying a smart phone, battery life is an important aspect to consider and this device commits a battery life of up to 10.4 hours but to be practically speaking,the battery life will certainly differ according to the number of concurrent applications you use and the number of features, services that you use often and also battery life depends upon the network problems and signal strength of a phone.

These are the six good reasons why T-Mobile’s My Touch 4G can compete in the market.



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