Top Six reasons why Samsung Infuse 4G is better than HTC inspire 4G

4G is the feature which will be implemented on all future smart phones.  4G helps you to watch online videos, transfer files, music, etc., without buffering at a lightning speed. This feature of 4G is enabled in most of the smart phones. User’s demands are increasing as they like to have great speed while they do anything online with their devices. This article is going to discuss about the top six reasons of why Samsung Infuse 4G is better than HTC Inspire 4G.

Both these smart phones have amazing features and specifications when compared with  Samsung Infuse 4G, HTC Inspire 4G is slightly inferior in specifications and other things let us see these things in detail on the top reasons of why Samsung Infuse 4G is going to be ahead of HTC Inspire 4G.

HTC inspire on the left, Samsung Infuse G on the right

Reason 1 – Processor

Even that you have to lot of attractive features, all boils down to the processing speed of the device, in that aspect HTC Inspire 4G runs with Qualcomm QSD8255 1GHz Snapdragon Processor, whereas Samsung Infuse 4G runs with a slightly better 1.2GHz High speed processor.

Reason 2 – Display Screen size

I cannot see much of a difference between these two smart phones in the Screen size. But as per the specifications Samsung Infuse 4G has got 4.5 inch Amoled display which is slightly better than HTC Inspire 4G,4.3 inch screen display.

Reason 3 – Thinnest smart phone

Everyone likes thinner smart phone, want to be sleek and less weight Samsung Infuse 4G is the thinnest phone which comes with 8.99mm thickness when compared with HTC Inspire 12mm.

Reason 4 – Dual Camera

Nowadays, smart phones come with a dual camera. Front camera is usually for Face to face chat and the rear is for video recording and taking pictures. However, HTC Inspire 4G does not have a front camera . It has only got 8 MP rear camera when compared with the Samsung Infuse 4G, which has got a 1.3 mega pixel front facing camera and 8 Mega Pixel rear camera.

Reason 5 – Battery Life

Samsung Infuse 4G uses a strong battery 1750 mAh battery which is committed to withstand about 8 hours whereas HTC Inspire 4G uses a 1230 mAh battery and they commit up to 6 hours of talk time. Although talk time depends upon the type of usage you do with your smart phone, if you watch more movies with your smart phone naturally, the talk time will become low than expected.

Reason 6 – Freebies

Samsung Infuse 4G has got built-in feature to access Media Hub. Media Hub is similar to Netflix where you can download and watch movies. Through Media Hub you can also stream the movies with the help of Wi-Fi Hotspot to many devices at a greater speed. Moreover, Samsung is giving away gift of $25 initial movie credit where you can buy your favorite movies free of cost up to $25. This kind of freebies is not present in HTC Inspire 4G.

When I review the specifications and features of both smart phones, I found these six reasons why Samsung Infuse 4G is better than HTC Inspire 4G.

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