Sony VAIO T11 and T13 Ultrabooks: A must have for the Music Loving Business Class

Sony has recently unveiled its new avatar as Ultrabooks named as VAIO T11 and T13. The two notebooks have got good features which should appeal to the business class and music lovers too.


Having an LED screen dimension of 11.6 inches and 13.3 inches respectively, T11 and T13 will be available in two kinds of chassis namely: aluminum and magnesium. It has a button free touch pad which can intuitively work on the users scrolling needs. T11 will weigh around 1.6lbs while T13 3.2 lbs, which is quite light and easy to carry around.

Architecture and Storage

The VAIO T 11 and T13 are powered by a 4GB RAM and an Intel i3-2367M processor, which is quite powerful though not the most powerful around. The storage is an integrated version of a 320GB hard disk drive and 32GB SSD which will enable the Ultrabooks to have very quick start times. Both have a high definition web camera with T13 having a display of 1366 x 768. Intel HD 3000 card has been added which can facilitate handling of HD videos but is not powerful enough to handle high end gaming graphics and so might not excite avid gamers.

Connectivity Options

Both the Ultrabooks have Bluetooth 4.0, HDMI capabilities, latest VGA ports, USB 3.0, USB 2.0 and RJ 45 which help in viewing good clarity images and videos and also ensure easy connectivity to other monitors and projectors. Sony will also a provide SD/MMC so that the user can happily store his/her videos and images. A business person will not have trouble managing his personal and official files with the new Ultrabooks.

Wow Audio Features

Sony VAIO T11 and T13 come with Clear Phase TM and x LOUD TM, both of which take the audio experience to a different level. The volume can be adjusted without the sound being disturbed due to the surrounding noises. Music lovers will definitely find this a great buy and for any business traveler music is generally a balm.

Other Features

Both the Ultrabooks come with a case, an Ultra book Lid with rapid wake which not only aid swifter start ups but also help in more energy efficient sleep modes. Notably both T11 and T13 can be put in a deep sleep mode for 3 months without any substantial loss of power.

While the initial unveiling of the features shows that these Ultrabooks from Sony hold a lot of promise for any non gaming freak, the extent of delivery can be seen only after the products hit the markets.