Top Differences and Similar features in Acer Aspire TimeLineX AS4830T-6642 and AS5830T-6862

Acer brings two new TimeLineX AS4830T-6642 and AS5830T-6862 laptops along with the AS3830TG-6431 laptop. The 4830T and 5830T have a fascinating cobalt blue aluminum design. These laptops have an ultra slim look and also weigh less. This article will illustrate you some of the significant differences between the Acer Aspire TimeLineX AS4830T-6642 and AS5830T-6862 laptop models.

Difference No.1 Display size:

Acer Aspire TimelineX SeriesIf anyone likes to buy a large high definition display laptop, then the 5830T could be the accurate selection. The reason is that the AS5830T-6862 will have 15.6 inches HD LED backlit display while the AS4830T-6642 will bring you 14 inches HD LED – backlit display. These two laptops will also provide you better images with its wide screen Cine Crystal feature.

Difference No.2 – Fast dual core processor:

Nowadays, rapid performance devices are most liked by the people and as a result Acer has added the fast 2nd generation Intel Core i5-2410M 2.30 GHz processor in the 4830T and second generation Intel Core i3-2310M 2.10 GHz processor in the 5830T. Both these laptops integrate the Intel HD Graphics 3000, which is obviously quicker than the Intel HD graphics. In this feature, the AS4830T-6642 laptop seems to be on the upper hand.

Difference No.3 – Light weight design:

Both the 4830T and 5830T laptops will come to market with the light weight design. Here, the AS4830T-6642 laptop looks good with its 4.88 lbs weight while the AS5830T-6862 will offer you 5.49 lbs of weight.

Difference No.4 – Memory storage:

The storing capacity in the 5830T laptop is very impressive than the 4830T. Because the AS5830T-6862 brings you 640 GB SATA hard drive (5400 rpm), while the AS4830T-6642 will boast 500 GB SATA hard drive (5400 rpm). Both these laptops will come similar with the 4 GB dual – channel DDR3 memory. The maximum memory supported by these two laptops will be up to 8 GB.

Difference No.5 – Price:

There is not much of difference in the price tag of both these laptops, but the 4830T is comparatively expensive when compared to the 5830T. The opening price of the Acer Aspire TimeLineX AS4830T-6642 laptop will be $699.99 USD, and the AS5830T-6862 will cost around $599.99 USD.

There are only few differences in the AS4830T-6642 and AS5830T-6862 laptops. Other than their differences, these two laptops will mostly possess similar features, and those are listed below.

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