Top Five key features makes LG Revolution VS910 smart phone a hot selling cake

LG is one of the global leaders for consumer electronics and mobile communications and they have introduced a new smart phone called LG Revolution VS910, this smart phone has got some unique features which attracts everyone to buy this smart phone. Let’s go in detail about the top five key features of this smart phone.

Feature 1 – Watching and Sharing Entertainment

LG revolution Android 2.2 smartphone slanting positionNetflix is an online Movie streaming service, where you need to subscribe to watch the movies of your choice through this device. LG Revolution VS910 has an in-built Netflix app with this smart phone, which helps you to watch your favorite TV shows or movies with the 4.3 inch touch screen. If you are a subscriber of Netflix you can watch movies through Netflix application. This device has another capability for sharing entertainment, and it is called as SmartShare, through this you can share multimedia content easily. You get 16 GB of in-built memory which can extend up to 32GB of storage.

Feature 2 – 4G LTE

This is an exceptional feature when compared with other smart phones. This capability can bring great user experience on browsing through the internet. You can get a whopping download internet speed of 5 to12 MBPS and an upload speed of about 2 to5 MBPS.

Feature 3 – Processor and Operating System

This smart phone runs with 1GHz Qualcomm Processor with the combination of the Android 2.2 (Froyo) operating system. The combination is truly great as processor gives more speed and Android provides the functionality to this device. Plus you can access apps from Android market place.

Feature 4 – Mobile Hotspot sharing through 4G LTE.

This device has got the capability to create Wi-Fi Hotspot through 4G LTE you can share up to eight Wi-Fi enabled devices using one Hotspot.

Feature 5 – Face to face Video Chat and HD recording.

You can do quality video chat with your friends, relatives or clients with the help of 1.3 mega pixel camera in the front. And when you go out, or wanted to take some important photographs or video of events in your home or outside you can use the 5MP camera at the back.

Other than there are many common features like Bluetooth 3.0, Virtual QWERTY keypad with SWYPE for faster intelligent typing, Dolby Mobile® for higher sound quality when you want to hear your favorite music and much more.

Overall some of the features in this device make this smart phone stand apart from other Android models. These above features makes this smart phone a hot selling cake.