Top Five Reasons Why G Drive Mini Is the Ideal Hard Disk for the Business Traveler

The business class is always on the move and traveling on work is synonymous with business today. Mixing work with pleasure is also becoming common, with people exploring erstwhile exotic destinations, while traveling to those places for business reasons.

Therefore, an easily transportable hard disk which has a lot of memory and also compact in size makes it a favorite choice for a business traveler.   is here that G Drive Mini makes a very strong case for itself. Here are the top five reasons why G Drive Mini is the ideal hard disk.

Reason # 1 –  High Speed

G Drive Mini features USB2.0. ports and also interfaces with FireWire 800, FireWire 400 using an included cable. It moreover provides 3G bit eSATA interface. These facets enhance the speed of taking backups of just about any kind of file or folder encompassing wide range namely audio files, videos, images, photographs, documents and can also handle space occupying audio and video-editing software and the like.

Reason # 2 –  High Storage Capacity

It has a 750 GB storage capacity and also hosts 7200 RPM hard drives. Such a high storage capacity is extremely useful to a business traveler who needs to take backups of not just office documents but also scenic photos and videos.

Reason # 3 –  Great Shock Absorption Levels

G Drive Mini can withstand 400G of operating shock and up to 1000G of non-operating shock. This means that the light skirmishes, hits and falls, which go along with travel will not affect the hard disk, and all the backup folders would remain undamaged. G Drive Mini also comes with a neat protective case which further acts as damage control.

Reason # 4 – Light and Bus Powered

G Drive Mini weighs only 9 oz and is very light to carry around. It is easy on the luggage of any business traveler. Further, G Drive Mini is powered by bus, and the AC adapter is not required to power G Drive Mini. This removes the necessity for carrying an extra AC adapter which is extra weight for a traveler.

Reason # 5 – Long Battery Life and Compatibility

G Drive Mini comes with in-built heat sink providers facilitate almost zero noise running and provide adequate cooling for a long life. Additionally, it is compatible with both MAC OS X and Windows. This means that almost all kinds of laptop/netbook owners will find G Drive Mini easy to use.

Overall G Drive Mini is a must-have for a business traveler as it provides a solid backup  option.