Top four benefits of Asus Padfone for Business People and Travelers

ASUSTek Computer Inc has introduced a new innovative combo Android tablet cum smart phone called Asus Padfone.  This tablet cum phone is expected to release this Christmas 2011, and it runs with Android operating system rumors say it is going to run through Android Ice cream and also Asus has not settled with the finalized model, specifications or features, just seeing this concept of an individual smart phone which is fitted inside a tablet. I feel it has got some great benefits to business travelers purchasing this device.

Benefits 1 – Provides Flexibility to Business travelers

This padfone gives more flexibility to the users. You can take the smart phone and use it when you are walking on the road, on the restaurant, while driving the car and at the same time when you are traveling through air, bus or train, you can use the padfone as a tablet to browse through the web, send emails, watch videos and working with other office documents.

Benefit 2 – Dynamic Display switching between Tablet and smart phone

This Padfone is like a twin brother whose bodies are attached together. You can watch your favorite website on your tablet 10.1 large screen as well as on your phone, the beauty of this device is it adjusts the screen according to the type of device which you are using.

For example: You can see the full browser view when you view a website from the tablet, as soon as you switch the display to the attached smart phone through a Micro USB port, it automatically adjusts and transforms the output of the same website compatible to view properly on the smart phone.

Business People or travelers will be immensely benefited by the dynamic display switching technology introduced by Asus. It will be helpful to business travelers when they are on the move and use the device according to the different situation.
For example: As a business person or a traveler, you can use the smaller screen size 4.3 inch smartphone when you are walking, eating on a restaurant, driving the car and when you sit for a conference to show any kind of video presentation to clients, you can immediately switch display to the tablet  large screen which is 10.1 inches touch screen.  The content becomes universal between the tablet and the smart phone and sharing becomes easier to do.

Benefit 3 – Battery Life of Asus Padfone

Battery life of this device can be extended. You get a double battery benefit with this Asus padfone. A normal smart phone battery can come up to an average of 10-12 hours on continual usage, but even when your smart phone power gets low, you have the facility to connect it with your tablet on the back side of the device, and the tablet act as a power vault and recharges the smart phone battery. This is really a benefit to business travelers.

Benefit 4 – One SIM card for both Tablet and smart phone

This padfone requires only one SIM card for both devices. It works for both tablets and smart phone. This is really a cost saving benefit for anyone who buys Asus Padfone.  Currently, people are paying two separate data connectivity bills for tablet as well as the smart phone, now they can pay it for only for one single device. Business people or travelers will feel this as a cost saving benefit.
This new innovative model from Asus will not only benefit business people but also other people who uses the tablet and smart phone quite often. Apart from the above benefits, Android operating system has its own features, plus there are lots of apps that you can download from market place can change the level of usage with this Padfone.

I have prepared this information for you on the base of looking at the model and features, hope this information will be useful to you all. However, the Finalized model of Asus Padfone was not really announced, but there may be some changes in the design, I hope they stick to this wonderful and useful concept of the model.