Top Seven common things that you can do with your Android smart phone

Mobile technology is growing day by day. Smart phones are taking up the domination over traditional mobile phones. People wanted to do more with their mobile device. The best compatible choice for them is to buy a branded smart phone with the top mobile operating system in USA (Android) installed in it.  This article explains you about the Top seven common things that people can do with an Android device apart from doing calls and sending text messages.

#1:  Browsing through Internet

Android logoBrowsing is much better in Android smart phones when compared with the old traditional mobile phones, where you connect with GPRS or Wi-Fi. Most of the smart phones nowadays have the capability to connect with 3G or 4G data connectivity, which makes them browse faster than before.

#2: Video Calling:

Most of the Android device will have a rear and back camera. It enables you to do Video calling through Android device. With the help 3G or 4G data connectivity, Android users can easily make video calls where they can see their relative, friend or business client directly face to face and chat with them.

#3: Download useful applications from Android Market place:

If you have an Android device, you have the facility to download from Thousands of Apps in the Android market place. Creatively downloading quality apps which will help you in day to day activity is a good thing to do with Android device.

#4:  Watch HD movies both online and offline

Android device has in-built capabilities of playing High Definition Videos. Smart phone users can use their device to view movies online through service providers like Netflix, Hulu, etc., or they can view HD movies from their SD card.

#5:Google Maps for Navigation

This is the most useful thing in the Android device. You can use Google Maps for navigation, while you are traveling. Google maps assist you in finding direction, routes, and shortcuts to reach the destination faster. This is a nice cool feature to use with Android devices.

#6: Mobile Banking

Many banks offering mobile banking app to operate their accounts through their smart phones, most of the people use mobile phones for banking purposes. It saves time and it is flexible to do banking with their smart phones.

#7 Listen to your Favorite Music

There are N numbers of apps in marketplace, which can bring you customized experience on listening to your favorite music. You can download and play your favorite music.

To my experience after analyzing many people using Android smart phones, I found out these top seven things that you can do with an Android smart phone. If you have any suggestions to be made please post it in our comment section.

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