Top Three comparison between latest USB 3.0 readers Pretec P240 and TR1151

An USB card reader is an important electronic gadget which helps you to transfer data from your laptop or PC.  USB 2.0 card readers are now outdated. USB 3.0 card readers have started arriving at the market.

These readers are at least 10 times faster than USB 2. Now in this article we are going to compare two USB 3.0 Multi card readers Pretec 240 and TR1151 which is just launched. Pretec 240 is the first USB 3.0 multi card reader which is available in market for an approximate price range of 25 to 60$ depends upon each seller. Still the price of TR 1151 has not been revealed.

Comparison one – Design

Pretec 240
This is a small card reader which can fit into your pocket with the weight of 35 g. This card reader comes with plain colors.

TR1151 Card reader is going to be announced by Team Group Inc, this card reader comes with a colorful design very attractive finish, and it weighs about 80gms, which is a little heavier than Pretec 240.

Comparison two – Features and Performance

Pretec 240

It can transfer data up to a maximum speed of 100MB for CF card, 300 MB for SSD/sec. and the interface maximum speed is 5GB/second. This card reader has the capacity to support multiple varieties of cards, including the SDXC and also complaint with USB 2.0. It is shock proof and it consumes less power compared to other USB card readers.

TR 1151
This card supports 42 different types of Specification, and the Transfer rate is more or less the same According to Team TR1151 specification tested with CF 600 X 32Gb card takes about transferring a 10GB file within four minutes. It has got the compatibility features of supporting multiple memory cards such as CF UDMA 4.2, MS Pro Duo, SDHC, MMC4.2, SDXC and other 41 types of different specifications this card reader can support.

Comparison Three – Warranty and battery life

Pretec 240

This card reader comes with a warranty period of 5 Years and No external power or battery needed in order to make the USB 3.0 card reader work.

TR 1151

All the products of Team group Inc, has got lifetime warranty and they will repair or replace the product at anytime.

These are top three comparisons of the next generation USB 3.0 super fast card readers.