Top three reasons why Windows Phone7 Mango Update can make Windows Phone 7 Superior.

Microsoft has changed the name of Windows mobile to a Windows Phone 7 mobile operating system since then, there are many mobile manufacturers started creating smart phones using Microsoft Windows phone 7 operating system.

However, Windows phone 7 does not go well when you compare with an Android or iPhone operating system because it lacks some of the important features. I hope this Mango 7.5 update coming up tomorrow will put Microsoft Phone 7 right back on track to compete with the other top mobile operating system.

These are the three reasons why I believe Windows Phone 7 can become  superior after this Mango7.5 update.

1 – Work with 2nd Generation Processors.

After this update, Windows Phone 7 can work with 2nd Generation Qualcomm processor. Previously, this was not the case as Windows Phone 7 can only work with 1 GHz Processor.  This has opened unlimited possibilities to mobile manufacturers to create a smart phone with lower cost. Everyone knows about the creditability and history of the company. This cost factor alone can attract people to buy Windows Phone 7 enabled smart phones.

2 – Multi- tasking

Previously there are reports that Windows phone 7 is slow in multi tasking and it takes lot of time to load multiple applications. This update has filled the gaps especially in the area of multi tasking, Live agents is the new feature in this Mango update which takes multi tasking to the next level where it uses less amount of battery to run multiple applications at a time.

3. Additional features Expected

This Mango update has got some more expected additional features like Bing Vision (help to scan QR codes, Microsoft Tags etc), Bing Audio search(this helps you to search for your favorite music, songs on your phone) and Bing Maps with voice guidance is also the best feature of Mango update as it will be very helpful for travelers who are driving in a car to reach the destination quickly and easily.


These features in this Mango Update help Windows Phone 7 Operating system to raise standards and compete with all the other top mobile operating system. Fingers crossed and I’m waiting for the official update to know the exact update of the features in Mango 7.5. Hope this piece of researched information is useful for you all.

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