Two new accesories of Apple iPhone 4 – Juicepack plus and Earset

Mophie Juice Pack Plus

iPhone 4 using Mophie Juice Pack Plus - Status of the Battery Apple’s iPhone 4 has always been a best device for the accessories. In that way, a couple of new iPhone 4 accessories are heading towards the release with their brand name known as the Mophie Juice Pack Plus and Bang & Olufsen EarSet 3i headsets.

Mophie Juice Pack Plus is an accessory for increasing your iPhone 4 battery life. It can also provide you the full protection of your iPhone 4 with its rubberized band, in which the band is designed with the ergonomics features.

Bang & Olufsen introduces a new wired EarSet 3i stereo headset for iPhone 4. This accessory also includes a four – pole mini jack and an inbuilt microphone. The design of this headset will make you to place it on your ear very comfortably.

At first, let us look at some of the significant features that are available in the Mophie Juice Pack Plus accessory.

Enhances the battery life:

The Juice Pack Plus helps you to double your iPhone 4 battery life with its 2000 mAh capacity battery. Mophie has used a superior battery technology in this device for providing you the enhanced battery life.

Easy to charge:

The charging of the Juice Pack Plus can be done with ease. The reason is that you can charge it without taking it away from your smartphone, and also you can synchronize your iPhone 4 with the help of a USB cable.

Flexible usage with Morphie Juice Pack Plus

This comes with a switch which controls two different modes of operations such as charging and standby mode. You can use it flexibly.

Charging status:

The juice that is present in the device can be known approximately by its LED Status Indicator, which is located at the bottom which will indicate you about the charging information.

Juice pack Plus additional battery life:

The Juice Pack Plus will bring you up to eight hours of added talk time and up to seven hours of further continuous internet usage in the 3G network. It will deliver you up to 11 hours of additional nonstop video play and up to 44 hours of extra uninterrupted audio play. It can also provide you 16 hours in 2G network and 11 hours on Wi-Fi wireless networking.

Next we can have a short look on Bang & Olufsen EarSet 3i features.

Bang & Olufsen EarSet 3i features

Perfect Design:

When we look at the EarSet 3i design, it looks to be a good one with a pair of brushed aluminum recycled materials and the soft foam rubber coats. It also inserts a robust design finish along with the scratch resistant materials.

Operate with ease:

The Bang & Olufsen EarSet 3i headset is designed with the wide range of features. It incorporates an easy controllable button in this headset, which will help you to control your iPhone 4 without taking it out from your pouch. In addition, you will also find a microphone in it.

Easily fits into your ear:

As this headset has a design of the spectacles in the ear position, it will easily fit into your ear. If you want you can also adjust the curved portion of the headset according to your needs.

Delivers top class sound quality:

This EarSet 3i will remove all unwanted noises coming from the environment and enables you to focus and listen to your music with crystal clear sound clarity. To achieve this the company has added a foam rubber cover in the ear set for making it more convenient to fit strongly with the ear.

Before concluding this article, let us see the info on the device availability and price of these two new iPhone 4 accessories. Mophie Juice Pack Plus will be selling at a price of $99.95, and you can buy through their official website. Unfortunately, so far there is no information on the Ear Set 3i headset availability and price.

Overall, the Juice Pack Plus allows you to do more work with its huge additional battery life and to get out of business tension you can use the Ear Set 3i headsets for listening to your favorite music with better sound quality.

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