What is special about the two high storage G9 series Android tablets announced by Archos?

Archos  have now announced two high storage capacity Android tablets.

  1. Archos 80 – 8 inches
  2. Archos 101 – 10.1 inches

These two tablets are called as Archos G9 series.  This G9 series will definitely compete with all the latest tabs that have been released in this year 2011. These tablets are expected to release on the fourth quarter of 2011.  We will see now what is special in these two tablets.

Archos Honeycomb G9 series tablets by Archos

OS and Ultra Fast Processor of Archos G9 series tablets

These tablets are powered by Android 3.1 (Honeycomb) operating system, and it runs with the help of powerful OMAP4 1.GHz dual core processor. This processor has got greater capabilities and with the combination of Honeycomb OS and OMAP4 dual core processor means amazing features, fantastic multi tasking and faster performance in user hands. According to Archos, web pages can be loaded  50 % faster than NVidia Tegra 2 Processors.

Screen Resolution

G9 101 has a bigger resolution of 1280 * 800 compared to the G9 80 1024 *768. The screen size differs as G9 101 has 10.1 inches screen and G9 80 has only 8 inches.

High Profile HD video

HD video in high level of clarity can be viewed with the help of powerful A9 dual core processor. This processor has great horse power in processing and delivering High Profile HD.264 video.

High storage capacity

If you are businessman, gamer, or anyone who is using the tablet frequently, everyone requires more storage space to store their favorite music, games, business documents, videos and other stuff’s. OMAP4 dual core processor has the inner capability to have a higher on board provision for storage space. G9 series has inserted a thin 7mm Seagate’s Momentus thinner hard drive into this tablet, which can store up to 250 GB where no other tablet manufacturers have offered this level of storage.

These G9 Series Tabs are of greater use to the businessmen, travelers, gamers and entertainment lovers. People like to buy these tablets because of Honeycomb OS, Android market place, 1.5GHz OMAP4 dual core processor, Screen size and also the important special thing about this tablet is the storage capacity of 250 GB, which will definitely attract people to buy these two wonderful tablets from Archos.


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